We make sure that the photos from your tourist accommodation unit are the most attractive and effective way to promote it.

As electronic media play a key role in the advertisement of modern tourist enterprises, the professional photographic presentation of your hotel or villa is the main tool of efficient promotion.  

A low quality or a rather average photo shoot can undermine your tourist accommodation unit, discourage customers, devaluate your business. 

By putting in systematic and meticulous work with an eye for detail and by using the appropriate professional equipment and our time long experience, we make sure that your accommodation unit is presented in a realistic and attractive way, thus creating the right conditions for its proper promotion. 

We dedicate our efforts and care to the good and proper preparation of the site, the pinpointing of its advantages and the showcasing of all its beautiful details.  

The photographic presentation of your hotel or villa through our photos plays the most important role in attracting new customers either through your website or through Booking.com, Airbnb etc. or even through Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Our professionalism and knowledge of the subject guarantee the proper promotion of your tourist accommodation unit.