Wedding photography and video
Creative photos and videos for the most important moment of your life.
Hotel & Villas Photography
Highlight your space, enhance your profile
Events Photography
Professional and multi-camera event photography and video coverage
Bussiness Φωτογράφιση
Φωτογραφική κάλυψη εμπορικών και βιομηχανικών εγκαταστάσεων και προϊόντων
What is Kefalonia Photo Agency

We are a team of professional photographers, video directors and cameramen of Kefalonia, offering creative ideas and solutions for all your photographic and video needs.

We undertake the photo shooting and filming of weddings, christenings, private or social events, fashion shows etc. making good use of the cutting edge of image and sound technology. We work with creativity and professionalism in order to find the appropriate shooting style that will highlight your important personal moments and promote your business.

We provide competitive, customizable and flexible service packages in order to always suit your needs and offer you excellent quality at the best prices.

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